Sam’s bubba meintzas are tales told by a Jewish grandfather about his life well lived.  Samuel Corenzwit was born in 1911 in Philadelphia, PA, to parents who immigrated to the US from Russia and Poland in the late 1800’s.  He was the youngest of 5 and lived in Philadelphia and near by New Jersey until his death in 2000 at the age of 88.

Sam loved people, life, fun, adventure and had a bit of the devil in him.  He enjoyed a good (and not so good) joke, puns, and telling stories.  Sam was a butcher, an antique dealer, and after retiring, an artist.  He traveled the world with his buddy in the depths of the depression, working on freight ships to pay passage across oceans and hitching rides on British Army vehicles to cross the Desert.  My father was also a devoted family man.

His three children, Roslyn, Michael & Hope, feel very fortunate to have had him as their father.  His wife, Anne, feels fortunate as well to have met and married the love of her life and to have had 60 years of marriage with a man who always brought surprises and excitement into their lives, and to remain in love with each other through all the years.

Sam decided to write the stories and jokes he liked to tell, and it is these tales that I will be posting here from time to time.  Some are little snippets – a word picture of just a few lines.  Some of his stories are a couple of handwritten pages long.  All are uniquely Sam.

My father loved being in the spotlight, and so in his memory, I share his stories with all who would like to read them in a way that he surely would have found for himself.



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